Hi! I'm Ray Nawara.

Please feel free to view my portfolio web site for information about some of my work.

My Portfolio

Various projects showing HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Python, React/Redux, Ruby on Rails and node.js on Heroku

Analog Clock (written in HTML)

MasterMind Game (written in Python)

Find a Zip/Postal Code (written in PHP)

Expenses App written in JavaScript and React/Redux with Firebase

Chat App written in Ruby 2.6.0 and Rails 5.2.2 with Devise and Semantic UI

Chat Room (using node.js deployed on Heroku)

Web Site (built for company during Hurricane Maria cleanup)

Mobile App to send email written in JavaScript and PHP

A React app to help you make a decision!

A Stock Tracking app written in Ruby 2.6.0 and Rails 5.2.2 with Devise and Twitter-Bootstrap

About Me

I am a very experienced IBM S370 mainframe programmer, programmer analyst, systems analyst, system programmer as well as a Senior IMS and IDMS programmer, analyst, senior system programmer and senior Database Administrator. I also worked as an IDMS System Engineer. I have changed my direction and have moved to web development. I have studied and worked with HTML 5, CSS 3 , JavaScript, ES6, JQuery, Bootstrap 4, WordPress, PHP, My SQL, Python, ESlint, Mongo DB, Mongoose, Rest APIs, Security and Authentication, Socket.io, Async/Await and Microsoft Azure. I have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, Gatsby, React, Redux, React-Router, Jest, Enzyme, Firebase, GraphQL, Prisma, PostgreSQL, Heroku, GIT and node.js with Express, Mongodb, Mongoose, Postman, Supertest and Expect. I love to program and I am looking to become the best programmer I can be.



Hi! I'm a very experienced Enterprise developer who has moved to the web! I enjoy programming with React, Gatsby, GraphQL, Ruby on Rails and node.js and I'm trying to learn more every day. If you have anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me below! Thanks!